The history of the MSO Construction dates back to 1922, when it was founded as Municipal Spraying and Oiling Company Limited. Over time the name was shortened to MSO Construction. Since its formation, MSO Construction reputation has been based on road preservation and highway maintenance. MSO has participated in many municipal and provincial projects over its 90 year history providing quality road maintenance services.

Today the company's success is based on time-proven preservation methods and innovative technology, backed by vast technical and financial resources. All of the employees of MSO preserve and maintain urban and rural infrastructure across Canada.

Every employee works to provide total customer satisfaction by offering products and services that represent value, adhere to specifications and are clearly superior to those of the competition.

Everything we do we believe in doing with the utmost regard for safety and quality. We believe in always challenging the status quo.

The way we challenge the status quo is by continuously improving time-tested methods, utilizing innovative technology and always putting safety first.

MSO Construction is your commitment to excellence.