Fog Seal

A fog seal is an economical emulsion application typically blotted with a sand seal to seal a surface and prevent water ingress into the treatment below.

Fog seals can be specifically designed for any type of surface but are most appropriately used on a seal coat, raveled hot mix asphalts, and recycled materials such as Cold In-Place Recycling and Full Depth Expanded Asphalt.

When applied to seal coats, fog seals retain nearly all of the aggregate on the roadway thereby

reducing the amount of dust and stone loss. This enables owners to reduce the risk of snow plough

damage within the first few winter seasons and provide an aesthetically pleasing surface

similar to hot mix asphalt.

When applied to recycled treatments, a fog seal protects the recycled mat from raveling and coarse aggregate loss sometimes encountered due to unfavourable weather exposed to the mat prior to surfacing.

Regardless of the application, fog seals are a proven technique to create a safer and appeasing surface for the road user.

fog seal mso construction