Geotextile Paving Fabric

Geotextile paving fabrics are used to construct impermeable layers which prevent infiltration of water into the pavement structure in addition to reducing propagation of existing cracks through the new treatment.

Asphalt emulsion and aggregate are used in conjunction with the geotextile paving fabric to produce the composite membrane. An asphalt emulsion distributor sprays the emulsion on the desired surface and then places the geotextile paving fabric on top via an application apparatus designed specifically for this use. Aggregate of the desired size is then spread on the fabric to allow vehicles to drive on the surface.

Since the fabric is fully saturated with a bituminous binder, it acts as an asphalt shingle, protecting roadways from the ingress of water. Equipment utilized for recycling, pulverizing and cold milling is easily capable of reclaiming this composite material at the end of its service life.

When geotextile paving fabrics are utilized within a chip seal riding surface it is recommended that a seal coat design is performed to ensure adequate aggregate retention and performance are achieved. Cul-de-sacs and small radius corners are not recommended candidates for the application of this product.

Effective use of these treatments allow asset owners to extend the useful life of the roadway and reduce life cycle costs.

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