Patchmaster by Paveseal - A Division of MSO Construction
paveseal a division of mso construction

Patch master provides quick an economical repairs of pot holes and utility cuts.

The patch master is all encompassing asphalt hot in place asphalt patching machine. The patch master is staffed with a three man crew that travel to your patch location.

The machine holds all materials necessary to carry out asphalt repairs continuously. The crew begins work by setting up a traffic closure around the unit, and begins work on the patch by following a simple four step process.

  1. Soften the asphalt pavement with heat.
  2. Scarify the surface material.
  3. Mix the material with any or all of recycling agent, asphalt binder, aggregate, or new mix.
  4. Lay down and pave with the recycled material.

Hot-In-Place asphalt patching offers tremendous cost savings in material, labor, and a reduction in duration of the repair activities. Another great benefit from this repair method is the quality of the patched repair versus other standard or conventional ‘cut and fill" repair methods.

paveseal patchmaster